• Jason Oliver

    Jason is a Certificate III & Certificate IV qualified coach and Personal Trainer and owner of Krave Fitness.

    Jason has been into fitness from a young age. He formally served within the Australian Army as a part of the elite and one of the fittest, Parachute (Para) Battalion 3RAR.

    Boasting an excellent work ethic Jason is a firm believer of the effectiveness of group environment fitness. He draws from his past experiences to deliver his programs and believes anyone has athletic ability by utilising functional movements like running, squatting, lifting, pushing, done at high intensity. This in turn increases power, strength, speed, co-ordination, agility and balance.

    The exercises are varied and the results are dramatic. There is also a feeling of being a part of a team that keeps participants motivated.

    No matter what age or your fitness level, Jason will help you achieve your goals.