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October 31, 2014
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November 5, 2014
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Kylie’s 12 Week Journey – Week 7


I faced my hardest challenge this week – I attended the baby shower of a dear friend who had set out a cornucopia of sweets and baked goods. It was a really fun party and I had an absolute blast but at the same time it was hard to not join in on all the yummy treats (and they all looked amazing!). I am finding my will power getting stronger every time I’m faced with a situation like this, I know what I have to do so I just suck it up and do it, but emotionally it’s something that I still struggle with. I tend to feel a bit sad when I can’t join in and share a slice of cake with everyone else. I think this is partly because I love being a part of the social aspect of it, but also because (let’s face it) I really love cake.


I’ve really had to retrain myself to prepare my food and always have it ready to go no matter what I’m doing. I need to know what time the next meal is and have it with me so that if I’m out I can grab it easily. This has taken a bit of practice and discipline, especially on weekends when I’m out and about. For the baby shower, I took a chicken salad with me. Nothing says party like a chicken salad! And for the first time ever, when someone offered me cake, I uttered the words ‘No thanks, I have my salad’. The first few weeks of doing the challenge I found it really easy to stick to the meal times when I was at work but I had trouble on the weekends because I wasn’t following a routine. Every weekend is different for me so it took a bit of practice to get in the rhythm of packing food to take and making sure that I was eating at the right times. I still haven’t perfected it, it’s still something that takes a fair bit of effort on my part, but it gets easier each week.


Things I have learnt this week:


  • It is possible to enjoy a party or social gathering without eating everything in sight (who would’ve thought it?!).
  • Your will power gets stronger the more you use it, and it becomes less painful to say no to things that you want to do or have.
  • Cake is horrible (Nope… Didn’t work. I was just trying to trick my brain there to make it feel better).

Kylie x

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