• Becki

    Becki has been practising Yoga since 1998. She started out with Power Yoga and then began Ashtanga Yoga. Becki has taught Yoga in the US, Japan and has been teaching here in Australia for the past 3 years. Her teaching philosophy is 99% practice 1% theory. Anyone can do Yoga. You do not have to be lean, you do not have to be young and you do not have to be flexible. Many people that do Yoga are lean, flexible and often look and feel younger than their true age but this is a RESULT of Yoga, not a pre-requisite for Yoga!

    In Becki’s class you will sweat, get lots of strength training and stretching. It’s a dynamic workout where you will detox the body as well as learn to use the breath in order to relax the body. Becki refers to her class as ‘swimming on land’ because there is no part of the body that goes untouched.